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Day 4

Friday, June 5, 2009

Day 4 was an eye opening experience. The poverty of the black informal-housing areas was like nothing I have experienced before. We got a chance to a woman named Rosie who would cook for over 300 children every day. She worked in a space that is smaller than a bedroom. It amazed me that she does this just from pure kindness because she had a dream that "no child goes to bed with a hungry stomach". She did not feel burdenedb it was her pleasure to do this. On a lighter note, we all took a crash course on scuba diving in case we could not go cage diving tomorrow ( I'm already certified so I just did it for fun).

More to come. - Gatzy

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TomGatz said...

Sound like you are having a great time and seeing alot of cool stuff and meeting interesting people, hope the cage diving works out for you guys.

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Duration 12 days
When June 2nd - 13th, 2009
Focus Wildlife Research/Conservation
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